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As one of the largest roofing companies in St Paul, MN, we offer a wide range of roofing services and installations. Ranging from repair and maintenance to fully replace roofing in existing homes.



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Professional Roof Installation Company In St Paul, MN

Not only do we offer the highest quality warranties and installations, but we also believe in providing the best customer service. We can answer your questions during your project with dedicated customer service personnel and contact you at every step of the way.

Our active personnel are ready to answer your questions in our offices. Midwest Roofing Service offers a communication portal where you can write us your questions or concerns comfortably and get 24-hour support from our staff during your project. Reach out to Midwest Roofing Service today.

Affordable Roofing Installation Company

One reason we are willing to offer such important guarantees is not only because of the high-quality materials we use but also because of the high-skilled installers we use. Unlike many roofing companies that cross-train other contractors in the field, we train all our installers in a classroom before you step into your project. In addition to experienced installers, Midwest Roofing Service approaches the call process differently.

While in action for years, many customers are enjoying the peace of mind of choosing a company that will be there to serve them after their work is done. With the disappearance of many construction companies every year, the warranties offered are only as good as the company that founded it. Therefore, due to our strong heritage in this sector, we offer up to 10 years guarantee on all our services.

One of the reasons we grow as a company and provide such excellent service is because of the communities gathered around us and consequently the return of our company’s blood to society.

Roof Installation & Replacement Services in St Paul, MN

While many roofing companies offer volume-based mailbox offers, Midwest Roofing Service believes our customers deserve the best, so we offer comprehensive offers for all our potential customers in Saint Paul Mn. And Minneaapolis, MN.

Our certified consultants are heavily trained to evaluate all kinds of roofing systems and problems using the latest technology to evaluate your home. With any offer we give, Midwest Roofing Service knows it helps to educate all our potential customers on what’s to be expected and how to maintain the longevity of their roof.

Whether for future budgeting, annual audit, roof change costs, or repairs. we can quickly determine the age, serviceability, life expectancy and other potential problems (if any) of a roof that needs to be addressed in a thorough roof inspection report.

For more information about our roof inspection services, or to get a free estimate of the cost of your project, please contact us anytime.


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